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The Gap Between Male and Female Doctors

Male and female doctors are not just separated by their gender but also by their incomes. According to the latest research on the salary of doctors, there has been a widening gender gap in starting salaries for female doctors, rising from a difference of $3,600 in 1999 to $16,819 in 2008. The percentage of female doctors taking less lucrative primary care positions fell from 49% in 1999 to 34% in 2008. Yet, when broken down by specialty, women were still making less than their male counterparts in every field except general surgery, in which women earned an average of $11,000 more per year than men.

What is the implication of this study?

The study doesn’t imply that this world is a man’s world and women are considered as inferior. Nor, men and women at the hospital are not just identified with their uniform skirts and men’s scrub pants, but even with their salaries. This doesn't also mean that women are inferior to men since in general surgery, women doctors wearing surgical shoes have higher pays. However, the main reason in accordance with the study is that women doctors are not just into work but into relationships. According to the researchers, it is not in a way surprising. Women doctors traditionally choose lower-paying jobs in primary care fields or they choose to work fewer hours. This is for the reason that they are giving more time with their families and relationships in comparison with male doctors.

Does this mean that male doctors are not? Well, asking a male and female doctor will not hurt, eh.

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